Thursday, February 3, 2011

36th Annual Small Image Show at Gallery 21

The 36th Annual Small Image Show is off and running, from January 28 through February 21, 2011, and what a show! Open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the participants welcome visitors to Gallery 21 in Spanish Village Art Center. The opening reception was held on Saturday, January 29, 2011, and was a grand success. Attendance was high with an excitement in the air shared by newcomers and art aficionados alike. The gallery and outside patio fairly overflowed. As I arrived, I noticed the chill night atmosphere did nothing to dampen the spirit of the show. On the contrary, the enthusiasm of the spectators was amped, all soulfully accompanied by the smooth jazz sounds of "Endangered Speciez", as they set the ambiance of this year's opening reception.

Rob Sidner, this year's juror, had this to say about the exhibition:

"It was a pleasure to view a significant group of art works in a wide range of media created in small format. In making difficult choices in jurying the entries, my approach was entirelly subjective. I chose for exhibition works that to my eye seemed particularly fresh, imaginative, well made, demonstrating a good use of material, engaging and sometimes offbeat".
                                            "Trio", by Sue Bakely, ceramic artist
                                            1st Place Winner, Category 1 (12-inch)

The 36th Annual Small Image Show Awards went to the following recipients:

Category 1 - (12-inch)
1st Place - Sue Bakely, "Trio", mixed media/porcelain
2nd Place - Marti Blair, "Untitled", glass, copper, dry enamel
3rd Place - Lynn Render, "Carved vase", clay

Leslie von Kolb Memorial Award - Walter Wojtyla, "Inner Circle", acrylic

Category 2 - (6-inch)
1st Place - Vicki Leon, "Two Pieces of View", glass
2nd Place - Margaret Gordon-Espe, "Telepouch", ink on leather
3rd Place - Dan Adams, "Eclipse", acrylic

                                    "Two Pieces of View", by Vicki Leon, glass artist
                                           1st Place Winner, Category 2 (6-inch)
                                          IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED

Purchase awards went to Steve Maddy, Beverly Brock, Kathy Long, Chris Stell and Joan Boyer. Gift certificates were awarded to Amy Threefoot Valeiras, Victoria Ward, Diane Johnson, Susan Ronan, Joan Niles, Alison Baldwin and Ally Benbrook.

A big thank you to our sponsors from Gallery 21. Sponsors are Valley Moulding, CMI Moulding, Freeform Clay, Artists and Craftsman Supply and Spanish Village Art Center.

Last, but not least. Once again, please let me extend a big "shoutout" and "merci beaucoup" to our new Gallery 21 director, Frank Casciani and to all who assisted him in making this year's exhibition a gala experience.

As in all things, Frank... "Perfection, maestro, Perfection".

                        Event photographs taken by Rose Stepan,
                        Images are copyright protected, all rights reserved

For more information on Gallery 21, visit the website at:

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
text and content copyrighted, 2011, all rights reserved

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  1. Amazing show ! I was truly impressed by the quality of the work on display. It made me want to participate so bad. Next year I promise!
    But most of all I am delighted that my two artist friends, Sue and Vicki, won first place in their respective category. Congratulations !


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