Saturday, July 3, 2010

Painted Ladies in Gallery 21

"Bursting Out", by artist, ROSALIND OWEN

Hello all.

Well, have I got your attention, now? I hope so, because you do not want to miss the spectacular exhibit currently running in Gallery 21, here at Spanish Village Art Center.

It, of course, is titled "The Painted Ladies", and is running June 24 - July 4, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily in Gallery 21, located in the heart of Spanish Village Art Center at 1770 Village Place, Balboa Park.

I knew this show would be fun and exciting when I happened to run into one of its participants lugging a sign board to the entrance of the Village. Blazoned across the top of the sign was the title, "The Painted Ladies" written in red calligraphy! It certainly got my attention, and gave me a good laugh to boot. So, I went in to "check it out".

Who are the "Painted Ladies", and what are they doing here? (Sound familiar)? Well, let me tell you. "They are nine women and one willing man dedicated to the creation of art in the medium of their choice, who find joy in each other and their work and successes. They are all members of local art associations and other organizations committed to educational achievement". Some mission statement, huh?

The exhibit includes over 100 original paintings and photographs, art-crafted jewelry, giclee prints of the original works and art greeting cards.

And, now let me introduce you to these ten artists who share a common painting mentor, "Ruby Agnew Vogt", as well as their dedication to the arts. Drum Roll, please!

Sue Blass, Paula Bentley, Tom Bentley, Deva Claridge, Carolyn Curtice,Fredda Ferguson, Roz Owen, Joyce Philpot, Gladys Tully and Julie Villanueva.

Exceptional job, Ladies and Gent. (I wonder if we should dub our "Gent" the "illustrated man")? "What say you"? I say to everyone, "Get in there and see this show", especially to the fourth of July visitors to Balboa Park!

A special thanks from me to Gladys Tully for helping me with the information on the show, and to whoever that particular "Painted Lady" was toting the sign across the patio.

Run, don't walk to the "Painted Ladies" Show. Maybe some of the "paint/ink" will rub off on you!

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
all text and content copyrighted 2010, all rights reserved


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