Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Painted Tiles, Pizza and Cupcakes?

Hello All.

Well, we are back for the "wrap up" on the Patio Painting Party at the Village.'s the "dish"!

As I predicted, it looks like everyone had a ball. Judging by the photos, (Thanks, Mo; that's Maureen King to non-villagers) spirits were high and some serious application of paint took place. Just take a look at Mary Renner with that cupcake and the paint tray. The painting doesn't appear to be started yet, and Mary is already doing acrobatics! I guess that just goes to show what happens when you combine cupcakes with tile painting. And, don't blame it on the paint fumes. The paint is water-based! At any rate, Steve Maddy and David Young are taking the job seriously, and divvying up the paints in true "artist style".

Likewise, Barbara Earhart and Kathy Waller are concentrating on their tile painting precision while Barbara Reemelin does some quick leaf removal in her area. Too bad Barbara Reemelin didn't do a layered tile painting or two here and there on the patio. As a former studio partner of mine, I can vouch for her expertise in laying down color on a painted surface.

I asked Ellie Hitchcock if there were any hilarious moments during the party, and she commented, "Well, you know we always paint with such concentration that we forget to look where we are, when we are painting. And, then we look up and are "trapped" between the wet tiles and don't exactly know where to step next"! Ah, yes, I remember it well.

All in all, the painting went well and there was a great turnout of artists for the task this year. I only hope no one had to see their chiropractor after it was all over. Judging by the panoramic shot of the patio, Brigid Delano and Barbara Reemelin are the only two who took a painting position that was easy on the back! All for a good cause, huh gang? Thanks to everyone, and GOOD JOB!

Oh, by the way...I still didn't find out who ate the most pizza, and I don't see Jon Evans in the photos. Hmmm. That will teach me not to gamble. Will the real "winner" please stand up? Maybe this year's real winner is Mary Renner with that "Cupcake Dance"!

Same time...Same place next year, Villagers!

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
text and content copyrighted 2010, all rights reserved

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