Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Tango in Berlin...or, You may never leave the City

                  "La Fille du Desert", Guy Mayenobe, Photographer

Hello All,

As promised, I am giving you a followup blog on the fantastic photographic exhibit, "Don't Tango in Berlin" (or, you may never leave the city), presented by Janine Free and Guy Mayenobe at Gallery 21, September 21 - October 3, 2011.

You know, I have known a few amazing photographers in my life, all of exceptional talent and vision.  But, as much as I appreciate and support their work, I have to say that I have never met or seen better than Janine Free and Guy Mayenobe, strictly from an artistically visionary standpoint.  I am always astonished and completely fulfilled by their work which is like no other that I have seen.  Simply, intriguing.

Guy's usual work (Can one even call it that?) takes unlike elements of real life objects, and layers them with still life forms such as mannequins or inanimate objects.  The resulting effect is one of almost lifelike mannequins with eyes, lips and features, when superimposed onto the plastic form, fool the viewer into taking a second look to determine if what they are seeing is real..."actual".  (As in "La Fille du Desert", shown above.)  In opposition, Guy will use a live model (mannequin en francaise) and, then superimpose inanimate material into the photographic image.  Once again, compelling viewers to "lean in" closer, in an effort to figure out what is "real" and what is make believe.  Oh, that is so clever of you, Guy!

Okay,  it's time for that ''writer's break" that I always mention...stretch my legs, go for coffee.  You know.  Be right back with the "scoop" on "Don't Tango in Berlin".  That's the real scoop that your are anticipating.

Here's a little preview:  "Tiger Woods", by Guy Mayenobe

                    "Tiger Woods", by Guy Mayenobe, Photographer

And, yet another:  "Kreuzbeg Fire Station", by Janine Free

  "Kreuzberg Fire Station", by Janine Free, Photographer    

As long as we are on the subject:  "White Trash", by Guy Mayenobe

                    "White Trash", by Guy Mayenobe, Photographer

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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