Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Printmakers Return to Gallery 21

   "Summer", drypoint and roullette by IGOR KOUTSENKO, printmaker

Hello All,

Heads up!  Those fabulous 7 Printmakers are back at Gallery 21, and the exhibit is as fantastic as last year's.  This is the group's 17th Annal Exhibition featuring Jacqueline Dotson, Kathleen McCord, Julianne Ricksecker, Sfona Pelah and Angelika Villagrana.  There are two new guest artists in the show this year.  They are Igor Koutsenko and Beth March.  The exhibition runs 11/2 - 11/14, 2011 at Gallery 21.  It is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  As always, the talented and congenial artists are waiting to welcome visitors to the show, and share the printmaking experience with them.

I popped in yesterday, after returning from a 3 week vacation, and was so pleased to see the show.  These dedicated souls never cease to amaze me with their vision, and their capable transference of these visions to their avid admirers and collectors.  It is a "must see" show for everyone.  I will revisit the gallery on Saturday, and really peruse each piece.

"Untitled" monoprint by SFONA PELAH, printmaker

"Books and Oil Lamp", digital print by
SFONA  PELAH, printmaker

For now here are some photos to whet your appetite.  Believe me, folks, there is much, much more at the 7 Printmakers 17th Annual Exhibition to charm and amaze you.  The diversity and magnitude of the work done by these artists is second to none.  Each piece is an exquisite masterpiece that compels one to stop and experience a feeling, moment or mood captured to perfection.  Once again, the 7 Printmakers prove their dedication to their art, and skills that are continually growing.

We (artists and collectors, alike) can all take a lesson from these "7"... and, strive to "up our game!"  A continual quest to research, learn and grow.  An ongoing expansion of oneself and one's skills, and then, expressing this in one's art is, to me, the quintessential goal of an artist. You have my word, folks, the "magnificent 7" stand and deliver this quintessence every time.

                       "Mystic Falls", monotype by JULIANNE RICKSECKER, printmaker

"Flirtatious", intaglio by JACQUELINE DOTSON, printmaker

"Palm Canyon Falls", etching and aquatint by JULIANNE RICKSECKER, printmaker

   "Barmaid", intaglio by KATHLEEN McCORD, printmaker

                         "Rainy Day", intaglio by JACQUELINE DOTSON, printmaker
                         IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED

I am so excited to return to the show for a second look, and to take it all in.  I can hardly wait.  See all of you enthusiasts there.  Oh, and yes, all of you who want to "Up your Game".  These amazing
7 Printmakers can teach you a thing or two!

"Balboa Park", woodcut by IGOR KOUTSENKO, printmaker

The 7 Printmakers are independent artists living in San Diego County.  For more information, and their resumes, please refer to my blog entitled, "7 Printmakers Make Their Mark at Gallery 21", dated 10/23/10.

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
All images, text and content copyrighted, 2011, all rights reserved

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