Friday, December 30, 2011

Flamenco Sevillanas in Spanish Village Courtyard

                                            "Flamenco Dancers", by Ilya Idelchik
                                            Member of San Diego Sculptors Guild

Hello All,

Well we are all back from the Christmas holidays, and back to business as usual in Spanish Village Art Center. As I walked into the patio area of the Village on Wednesday, I was, immediately, awed by the image of these two amazing figures positioned in the middle of the courtyard. They are a two part vision of life sized flamenco dancers created by Ilya Idelchik of the San Diego Sculptors Guild (SDSG) in studio 36.

As I walked around these figures, I was utterly amazed at the perfect positioning of all elements of the composition, and the physical makeup of both dancers. I, literally, could not find a bad angle no matter where I stood. The attention to detail, and Ilya's knowledge of the "dance" is compelling and mesmerizing.

The "Flamenco Dancers" are a veritable confection of sculptural forms, decorative metal and paint, meticulously applied, that is characteristic of Ilya's work. It can be said in fact, that it is his own "signature", exclusively recognizable under any circumstance. Ilya has breathed "life" into painted resin and flowing, rippling metal in an unmistakeably "trompe l'oeil" fashion. Viewers who have never danced suddenly discover a "dancer's soul", become transformed and are caught up in the moment. So much so that they are inspired to strike the same poses as the dancers, and preserve their experience in photos. Now, I'd call that "mission accomplished", Ilya.

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Ilya Idelchik is a graduate of St. Petersberg University in Russia where he studied classic art and sculpture, focusing on public art and decorative metalwork with a special interest in abstract painting. Before moving to the United States in 1997, he participated in projects for the Art Museum and the Museum of History and Culture in Russia. His attributes include building design, museum restoration and office interior design. In the United States, Ilya's career has revolved around art design, sculpture and abstract painting for public and private clients.

The "Flamenco Dancers" is the first in a series of sculptural exhibits to be presented by the San Diego Sculptors Guild on the courtyard patio, in conjunction with Spanish Village Art Center. Sergey Gornushkin, president of SDSG, enthusiastically, shared future plans of the guild to present a new sculptural exhibit, by one of their members, every month to two months. The display will change, accordingly, several times throughout the year. This will showcase the many talented sculptors in the guild and promote public art, as well as entice and intrigue visitors to Spanish Village Art Center. It is a particular interest of SDSG to encourage and increase public awareness of art, and to promote the appreciation of it through these exhibits.

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The San Diego Sculptors Guild, studio 36, is located at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California in Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park. For more information on members and events:

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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