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"Joker's Wild" at Spanish Village Art Center

                          "Joker on the Ace", mosaic glass sculpture by Yuriy Akopov
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Hello All,

Well, the "Joker is Wild" at Spanish Village Art Center these days, and this is magnificently exemplified by Yuriy Akopov's. "Joker on the Ace", an exquisitely rendered reflective sculpture in mirrored and dichroic glass.  Smack dab in the middle of our courtyard patio, the "Joker" stands in all of his glory, splendor and power, almost preening, musculature taught, with his own resplendent presence.  Sparkling and brilliant, ...("Under the spreading Jacaranda tree...the Village Joker stands...") his stance commanding the attention of all passersby, "Joker on the Ace", whose confident smiling mien and uplifted chin pontificates, "Ah, I am the Joker, and I know something that you all would like to know...and it amuses me, immensely"!  Isn't that just like a Joker?

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Yuriy Akopov has captured this sentiment exactly, in his way, as the "mosaic master" of glass sculpture.  Another member of the San Diego Sculptors Guild (studio 36 in Spanish Village Art Center) that we are proud to have among us.  Upon my many sojourns to the Sculptors Guild, I have noticed Yuriy's work, and am always mesmerized by the meticulous application and the skill it must require to complete an artwork of this caliber...let alone the patience it demands.  Besides the obvious skill level that Yuriy has achieved, it cannot be ignored that, there lies whimsy and suggested comedy, just below the surface of his work.  Viewing Yuriy Akopov's glittering sculptures, one rarely holds back that "quick intake of breath" that gives witness to the effect his mosaic work has on the spectator.  How appropriate, then, for Yuriy's, "Joker".

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As you can tell, I am immensely dazzled by this Joker.  He is quite impressive anyway you look at him.  Oops...just look at the time!  Have to get to the studio, but I will be back faster than the "Joker can throw down an Ace".  I will continue on the fantastic sculpted mosaics of Yuriy Akopov, "glass mosaic master", tonight...after the Open House at the San Diego Sculptors Guild.  Yuriy's work, along with numerous others', will be featured at the big bash tonight, accompanied by live music, delectable cuisine and, even, a shaman to bless the grounds of the sculpture garden.  Imagine that!  Hey, didn't I just see the "Joker's" smile widen just a smidgen more?  Indeed...methinks he can't wait to "throw down", once again with the "Joker's Wild"!!!  What say you, Yuriy?  And, you, Joker?

                           "Joker on the Ace", mosaic glass sculpture by Yuriy Akopov
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March 7, 2012

Hello All,

That took a little longer than I anticipated.  The opening at the S.D. Sculptors Guild was great, as I knew it would be.  Many guests milling about in the sculpture garden and the gallery, a string and flute quartet serenading with lovely chamber music and a fantastic cuisine presentation made for a memorable evening.  Unfortunately, I did not meet Yuriy, as he and the other members were kept occupied by the visitors the entire evening.  But, as promised, here, by way of introduction, is Yuriy's bio and resume.

Yuriy Akopov was born in Baku, Russia, and began his career as a glass maker when he migrated to San Diego, California at the ripe old age of 21!  Prior experience and tutelage began with working for artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.  Yuriy worked for Art Mosaic for ten years, where he learned countless skills which he later applied to his own creations as an artist.  He has refined and made these techniques his own, as is evident in his sculptures.  In 2006, Yuriy began producing remarkable art pieces bringing his own visions to life.  "His drive and belief is that many of personal items and interests in our everyday surroundings can be transformed into dynamic creations."

Yuriy's newest project is to create a series of mysterious Jokers.  "Joker on the Ace" is the first in the series, as Yuriy says, " mesmerize audiences".  Other Jokers in progress are expected to bring increased and positive interest from the public.  I am not sure if Yuriy's "Lady Luck" is one in this series, (although, I think it is safe to assume she is), but she is absolutely amazing.  She can be viewed in the sculpture garden of the Sculptors Guild daily.

Provocatively, leaning back, upon a base of silver and black mirrored mosaic glass in the shape of the letter "Q", the four symbols of poker as her golden crown (which strangely resemble braided knots in her contemporary modern hair), mirrored tile body glistening in contrast with gold, red and black poker symbol ornamentations, ruby-like gems embedded in her garb and an amazonic gold belt boasting a heart, "Lady Luck" smiles, invitingly, at the gambler as if to say, "Oh come on. You can do it.  How can you lose?  See...I've got your back."  "With Lady Luck at your side...the world is your oyster, no?"  Luck, be a Lady, tonight!!!

Bravo, Yuriy, Bravissimo!

                               "Lady Luck", mosaic glass sculpture by Yuriy Akopov
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Yuriy Akopov is a member of the San Diego Sculptors Guild in studio 36, located in Spanish Village Art Center.  For more information about him, please visit the gallery which is open 7 days a week, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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