Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kaleidoscope V - Accent on Watercolor

"Sharing Secrets", pastel by Glen Maxion

Hello All,

Now showing at Gallery 21 in Spanish Village Art Center:  Kaleidoscope V, presented by Accent on Watercolor, an amazing group of watercolorists and one fantastic pastel artist.   Hence the image of the charming pastel, "Sharing Secrets", above by Glen Maxion.  This is an amazing group of watercolor artists, and Glen, the pastel expert, who might be thought of as cream on top of the cherries.  When I visited the exhibit yesterday, with my friend Yumi Clemenson, I was entranced by the amount of talent and variety of subject matter of the eight artists, and the works that comprise this show.

Kaleidoscope V runs March 14 - 26, 2012 from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily at Gallery 21 in Spanish Village Art Center, located in Balboa Park at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California.  You will, surely, be mesmerized by the wealth of subject matter and expertise of technique that the artists exhibit in their artwork.  Watercolor is a medium that demands a finite touch and a true understanding of "knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em", so to speak...a necessary "less is more" approach.  Pastel demands no less attention and awareness of feeling and application.  They are both media that require a "slow hand and a smooth touch".  A lightness of being and a genuine sense for perfection.  The Accent on Watercolor artists embody these traits and much, much more.

The eight artists of Kaleidoscope V are:  Beverly Franklin, Kathleen Franklin, Elaine Harvey, Pauline Marks, Glen Maxion, June Maxion, Joan McKasson and Judy Morgan.

So get down to Gallery 21 folks, and see this amazing group of artists.  They'll "keep a light on for you"!

As usual, I have to run to the studio, but I promise to get back to you all soon with some more news on the Accent on Watercolor presentation of Kaleidoscope V showing at Gallery 21.  Just feast your eyes on this painting by Joan McKasson.

                             "Garden Poppy Cascade", watercolor by Joan McKasson
                                            IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED

...And, on this beauty.  Oh, the "colors of the wind".  In this case, the colors of Kathleen Franklin!

                                    "Casa Colores", watercolor by Kathleen Franklin
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Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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