Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Warrior"...Metaphorically Speaking

                                  "The Warrior", totem sculpture by Sergey Gornushkin
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Hello All,

It's rotation time on the Spanish Village Art Center patio, and installation of "The Warrior", a contemporary totem sculpture by Sergey Gornushkin is the topic of the day.  Sergey Gornushkin you will remember from a previous blog, "The Incredible Public Art of Sergey Gornushkin", posted 2/20/12, has mounted his contemporary totem on our patio to further his promotion of public art for the people.  Well, "power to the people" and power to Sergey!  (I know, I know.  I'm showing my generation.)  Just couldn't help myself.

Sergey's work supports that kind of whimsy in the mind, and surely makes one smile.  Just take a look at Monique Straub (Spanish Village's premier pastel artist) standing next to the sculpture.  I'd say she's got that "look of love" wouldn't you?  Maybe, "...she's holding on for a hero, totem, hero..."  You know it's all the same, metaphorically speaking.

                                Monique Straub, pastel artist admiring "The Warrior"
                                IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED

Sergey is president of the San Diego Sculptors Guild in studio 36.  You can find him there several days a week, and certainly on hand for every art opening in the gallery and sculpture garden.  Of "The Warrior", Sergey says," It is a contemporary totem sculpture which depicts the themes and metaphors of various indigenous peoples."

So, Spanish Village Art Center invites you to drop in and see "The Warrior".  All metaphors aside, he is mighty to behold and very good for your spirit!  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired, after all, to "stand tall like a totem" and feel his power.  The Warrior won't mind...

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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