Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yumi Climenson...following the "Path of Light"

Hello All,

Once again, Gallery 21 welcomes Yumi Climenson back for her annual exhibit, "Path of Light". We have traveled many paths with Yumi over the past years, and this year the "path" is, as always, illuminated by the "Light" inherent within Yumi, and in us all. I believe that is how Yumi would express it.

"Path of Light" promises to be a unique experience. How can it not with Yumi as our guide, or perhaps I should say, " Yumi reveals the vista along the way". Knowing her as I do, Yumi does not lead or force us to follow a path of her choosing. Rather, she invites us all to explore the path of illumination as a means of evolving...a journey (if you would) of enlightenment.

You see, and I haven't even seen the show yet. I suppose I am still basking in the "light" of her past exhibitions, all dealing with "light" in some form. So, Gallery 21 and Yumi Climenson invite you all to come and experience "Path of Light". Perhaps, we will leave the show with a modicum of that aura exuded by Yumi, and find our feet once more upon the path...

Yumi will be waiting to welcome you on the "Path of Light".

Written and posted by Cassandra Shepard, Studio 32
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